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Site Leadership

Identifying Site Leaders with the right combination of technical skill and leadership capability is a challenge for many businesses, and is a core area of expertise for Chameleon.

We have helped multinational corporations and SMEs to find the right Site Leaders to deliver their manufacturing goals. 

The right technical skill set is crucial: a deep understanding of the specific manufacturing processes on site, combined with P&L management, continuous improvement methodology and increasingly, the ability to drive the automation & digitalisation agenda, is the foundation for success.

On top of that is leadership capability. Many businesses are moving away from a traditional “command & control” style, towards a servant leadership ethos. Leaders who can inspire, engage and develop their teams from the bottom up are increasingly in demand. Providing ownership and development opportunities can improve retention and succession planning, and fostering a collaborative culture of continuous improvement vastly increases the team’s buy-in and delivery of site priorities. 

Whether you are looking to deliver a step-change in results at an existing site, to relocate or establish a brand new site, or to integrate a newly acquired business into your current manufacturing footprint, we can help you to put the right Site Leader in place. 

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