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Procurement and Strategic Sourcing has always been a key specialisation of our work at Chameleon, fitting clearly within our focus area of Plan, Source, Make & Deliver.  We have worked with clients across the broad spectrum of skills from Category Managers and Lead Buyers through to Directors of Procurement and CPOs.  Projects that we have been involved in have seen us assist major multinational corporations with a redesign of their whole procurement organisation, placing strategic people into leadership roles and making multiple hires along the way.

As the world begins to recover from the Coronavirus pandemic and moves further into the new decade, procurement once again is under the spotlight – there has been a clear move away from simple raw material price negotiation and cost saving towards availability of raw material, security of the supply chain, the focus on procurement as a value creation function and technology driven transformation.  We have positioned Chameleon with enough experience and expertise to be able to provide such candidates to our clients giving them significant competitive advantage.

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