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Competitor Insight

Chameleon would lead a competitor insight project on behalf of a client when they are looking to develop a new business unit or function or are establishing a footprint in a new location. We partner with our clients on an Exclusive basis and proactively headhunt, network and refer our way through the candidate marketplace. Providing insight into competitor and comparator organisations through benchmarking, organisational charts, product groups and thought leadership.

Oftentimes, decisions can be taken without prior knowledge of who is the competition or how they are structured. Having knowledge of these details can provide comfort around making future decisions as well as giving insight as to what talent may be targeted and headhunted in the future.

Additional benefits of undertaking such a project would be:

Benchmark Competition

  • Detailed knowledge of how a competitor is structured
  • Understanding of salary and compensation packages in the market
  • Explanation of hierarchy and reporting lines

Inform Future Investment Decisions

  • Allow clients to make decisions as to where manufacturing sites can be situated
  • Understand market dynamics in specific locations, thereby justifying decisions around the talent agenda

Support Strategic Decision Making

  • Provide data to support future business decisions
  • Show potential “route to market” for new service offerings

Help with Organizational Design

  • Give comfort as to how comparator organisations are structured
  • Allow for targeted headhunting within such organisations to strengthen own company
  • Build Succession Planning pipeline of potential candidates