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Project Hiring

Chameleon would lead project hiring on behalf of a client when there are multiple hires to be made in a specific function or location. We seek to offer a true consultative service whereby the client is updated not just on the status of the project in terms of candidates but also on how they are perceived on the market, insights on competitors and recommendations.

When clients are looking to make multiple hires, traditional methods of attracting the “active candidate market” are seldom sufficient. A proactive approach, mapping target companies and headhunting specific job titles and levels will enable engagement with the required number of candidates to fulfil multiple hires.

Additional benefits of undertaking such a project would be:


  • Targeting of diverse profiles, building a pipeline of talent that defies the ratio of those available through a passive approach
  • Build on a deep network of women in STEM fields


  • Operating as a brand ambassador for clients in the marketplace
  • Develop a full partnership between parties resulting in a better understanding of needs and resulting in higher-quality candidates

Project Management

  • Manage the whole recruitment project, ensuring timelines are adhered to
  • Project Data provided on a regular intervals
  • Ability to react to market dynamics that may affect hiring accordingly

Competitor insight

  • Provide competitor hierarchical structure data
  • Gain knowledge around compensation packages of comparator organisations