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Expertise Manufacturing & Operations:


From fast-moving consumer goods through to pharmaceuticals, automotive and heavy manufacturing, the way we manufacture products continues to diversify and the need for skilled engineers is ever present. Integration post-merger and acquisition, the evolution of technologies and external partnerships require internationally experienced engineering leaders who are able to push the boundaries of efficiency, set new sustainability benchmarks and commercialise the latest innovations.

As businesses continue to transform and shift their hierarchies, engineers must be capable of working in flatter hierarchies or across wide geographies and technologies. This leads to the need for strong leaders with astute technical insight, increasing commercial acumen and leadership skills that can span across culture and nations.

As a global search firm, Chameleon have been successful in supporting a broad range of clients in scoping positions to suit their individual objectives and needs prior to executing unique and lasting hires who are able to add value across both site based and corporate engineering leadership positions. Our deep technical understanding and ability to profile culture and leadership across talent pools enables us to provide a competitive edge to our client base as they seek to achieve their company goals and off-set the challenges presented in low-margin and highly competitive business landscapes.