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Expertise Manufacturing & Operations:

Operational Excellence

Operational Excellence (OpEx) is a skillset that straddles all of our industry verticals here at Chameleon. We have a rich history of sourcing well-rounded senior OpEx experts from around the world, who have both the technical knowledge and soft skills necessary to implement lasting change in a company culture from the shop floor to senior leadership teams. This holistic view and combination of top-down/bottom-up approach is key in implementing the methodologies of OpEx, from the Lean toolbox to Six Sigma, that launch the real momentum of change in any organisation.

Performance improvement is the marriage of technical and soft skills – it is ultimately people that lie at the heart of tangible transformation in production lines. Chameleon identify OpEx leaders to build programs from the ground up, create clarity on KPIs throughout a whole organisation, assess site maturity, diagnose key problems and bottlenecks and administer specific OpEx tools accordingly.

Chameleon International profile the market to understand which businesses and industries are leaders within distinct disciplines of Operational Excellence and then support our clients by delivering best in class candidates who have the coaching capability, leadership skills, and transformative vision to deliver long-term value and lasting improvement.

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