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Every Chameleon client is at a different stage of their journey through the ‘digital revolution’. This means that every Chameleon client needs a service tailored to their specific situation, whether they are first stage digitising, optimising, or mature transformational vanguards. Working as trusted advisors and partners we are optimally poised to make certain our clients invest in the talent to execute their digital strategy and deliver their business objectives.

IT has evolved away from being just an operational function, CEO’s are now seeing technology leaders as their principal strategy partner across the C-suite. As the importance of technology within the enterprise soars and the emergence of new job functions has to keep pace with the continued emergence of innovative cutting edge solutions, organisations have now identified the need, even pre-requisite, for more holistic attributes in the individuals driving their IT strategy. Yes, these individuals still need a systems mindset, a service orientation, the ability to solve complex problems, think critically, and possess the ability to not just manage but lead. But to what extent are these essential skills now seen as a given. It is the softer skills that our clients are placing an increasing emphasis on and want to define in more detail: Emotional Intelligence, Cognitive Flexibility, Creativity.

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic began, organisations recognised it is no longer enough for CIOs to be trusted operators or strategic business co-creators. Technology leaders were already being called upon to serve as agents of change who envision, enable, deliver commercial growth and help their organisations navigate the shifting landscape and get in front of it.

Although the pandemic may have paused many in-person business operations, it has been a catalyst to accelerate the adoption and integration of digital technologies and capabilities that has helped many organisations maintain resilience and agility. In turn the role and importance of technology leadership has been elevated significantly during the current context.

The new challenges faced by our clients are conversely opportunities for today’s technology leaders. Their mission, to recover from the pandemic while also identifying growth investments and transformational initiatives that will help their organisations thrive in the long term.

Chameleon International’s expertise across Executive Search, Talent Market Mapping, and Leadership Assessment gives our clients the luxury of establishing, fine tuning, and future proofing the leadership and significant players within their technology divisions.