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Technology & Consulting

The Technology & Consulting industry’s impact on the global business and social landscape can never be overemphasised. There is no sector of the modern economy that technology does not touch and that does not rely on the technology sector to propel productivity, quality, and profitability. Technology is minute over minute improving operations and lowering every cost of doing business.

As our clients are aware, implementing the right technology and securing the right talent to maximise its efficiencies is vital to success in the “Digital Revolution”, where the only constant is ongoing and fast paced change. The mission for business is not only about implementing technology but about how an organisation innovates the technology to harvest the data created, to seed business value, and create new efficiencies. The talent to drive this value creation is in high demand and hard to attract.

The rapidity of technology development and its application becomes a fundamental differentiator for innovation, agility, transformation, and growth, which gives this talent a unique character.

The high mobility of these professionals, intensified by a growing imbalance of talent supply and demand, presents a formidable challenge for any company that wishes to protect its competitiveness through this human capital. To create long-term success, and whether an organisation is going digital or was created digital, leadership must have the ability to leverage technology to achieve strategic commercial goals, to lead through change, and drive a culture that embeds an organic digital strategy.

With IT spending worldwide close to USD$6 trillion per year, and given the fast paced emergence of disruptive business models and products, as well as the transformative power of digital technologies on business and society, executives must become masters of the global “technology economy”, being capable of detecting the economic impact of such fast technological changes and respond with similar speed and foresight, possessing an increasingly sophisticated way of looking at the world and at their company’s performance to manage and optimise technology spend.

Chameleon International provide our Vendor and Services clients deep market expertise across Software, Cloud Services, Artificial Intelligence, IoT, FinTech, and High Performance Computing.

Technology & Consulting Leadership