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Executive search

We engage with our clients on a committed model, partnering with them in their search for key global talent giving them access to the next generation of business leaders.

We employ a “One Point of Contact” model with each of our clients, meaning that the client partner takes full responsibility for the delivery and execution of the search.  Our client partners are experts in their chosen vertical – Chemical & Process, Consumer, Industrial, Pharmaceutical & Life Sciences, Logistics & Transportation, Automotive – and will be able to consult our clients as to the specific drivers and trends that are affecting the talent agenda within their Industry.

We understand that each mandate is different and so we are able to adapt to our client’s wishes, deliberately applying a learning agility to each mandate, structuring our process to accommodate unique client needs per geography, skill set and diversity agendas. We work to cultivate long-term partnerships by acting, always, as a brand ambassador on behalf of our clients.

Our client partner team works in tandem with our research function, which comprises 50% of our total headcount. We have deliberately built this team in-house, allowing us to benefit directly from the market knowledge and intellectual capital that is generated across each search.  Our Search Consultants, who are highly skilled and multilingual, are tasked with the identification, engagement, qualification and presentation of candidates to our clients.  The “engagement” and “qualification” piece is our differentiator – we will headhunt and network across the candidate market place, accessing profiles who are otherwise unknown to our clients.