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Leadership Assessment

Chameleon operates as a brand ambassador to enable clients to make multiple hires across a specific skill set, geography, or functional area. Assessing cultural fit, leadership style and personality assessment, results demonstrated through a variety of methods – offered either as part of a search or dedicated offering.

There are two scenarios where Chameleon support clients with our Leadership Assessment proposition:

  1. At the end of an Executive Search process where we would assess the final shortlist to advise the client on areas to interview, likely working styles etc.
  2. As a dedicated service offering where we assess established leaders and advise HR stakeholders on dynamics across the leaders, strengths, gaps, preferred working styles, etc.

Additional benefits of undertaking such a project would be:

Assess new or existing talent

  • Informing hiring decisions as part of Executive Search process
  • Assessing existing suite of leaders, possibly following a M&A activity
  • Considering where talent will be best placed during a re-organisation

Highly customised

  • Individuals compared to their peers
  • Evidence based on statistical analysis of 100,000+ individuals assessed
  • Peer groups defined by seniority, function and geography

Impact-led assessment

  • Innovative ‘Impact model’ which bridges the gap between specific behaviours and organisational level outcomes
  • Assessments can be tailored to dive into specific desired competencies

User-friendly interpretations

  • End reports are operationally focused, showing potential risks as well as preferred “work roles”
  • Easily interpreted to inform decision making around hiring and training