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Global events continue to expose planning shortfalls and educate all industries on the importance of having robust and scenario-proof planning processes in place. The evolution of consumer preferences requires planning to move from a historical-sales based exercise into a forward-thinking topic that is able to support an organisation in realising their commercial and strategic objectives for years to come.

The evolution in planning technologies, reshaping of manufacturing footprints and distribution networks coupled with interaction across complex stakeholder networks is increasing the need for internationally experienced planning leaders who are able to navigate matrix led organisations and curate specific planning initiatives on behalf of their businesses.

Planning has long been a focal point of Chameleon’s work and we are proud to have built high-performing planning organisations across complex site networks in our client base. WE are asked to support as our clients strengthen and up-skill existing planning organisations whilst transitioning into more strategic functions. Our track record in this field and extensive global network allow us to quickly engage with planning leaders across all sectors and to deliver competitive and diverse shortlists against mandates in all geographies.