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Recruitment as a Service (RaaS)

Chameleon would lead a RaaS project on behalf of a client when there are a significant number of hires to be made. Multi-hire projects across different geographies, functions and skill sets, with Chameleon managing the outsourced process within a specific time frame. Our Interim Division operates in conjunction with our Search practice, enabling us to place mid – senior level candidates for fixed projects.

We are able to provide a “retained service level” against multiple requirements from mid–senior management and beyond. A dedicated team would be established to focus solely on the project, with strict service levels in place to ensure high quality service provision, from job brief through to closing and then onboarding.

Additional benefits of undertaking such a project would be:

Project Management

  • Chameleon can manage the whole recruitment process
  • Allow the client to focus on other strategic tasks
  • Ensures focus constantly kept on key points of the recruitment cycle


  • Chameleon operates as a brand ambassador for clients in the marketplace
  • Develop a full partnership between parties resulting in a better understanding of needs and resulting in higher quality Candidates

Time to hire

  • Reduce recruitment times
  • Full visibility of roles providing the ability to manage stakeholder process
  • Pipeline candidates for future roles, allowing recruitment to be truly project managed

Financial Planning

  • Agreed costs against a specific no. of hires within an allotted time period
  • Significant Cost per Hire reduction as project hires increase
  • Cashflow advantageous terms in place