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Expertise Commercial:


Today’s salespeople play a crucial role in a constantly expansive, data-led market where organisations continuously joust for competitive advantage. Businesses of varying maturity and product focus rely on their client facing arms to canvas new and existing markets and build bespoke solutions to an expectant and diverse, global audience – an audience that we have access to in ways previously unfathomed.  Today’s sales leaders are expected to extract actionable insights, champion technology led change whilst simultaneously offering a tailored service to meet unique customer demands. They have a responsibility to drive, educate, motivate and probe whilst setting examples through the delivery of robust, commercial proposition.

Chameleon support a broad range of organisations from start-up to those in the FTSE100 who require our understanding of how to unearth and scout appropriate sales talent. Our clients require a variety of skills across industry – those to establish commercial footprints in previously uncharted territories, those to supercharge a technical approach to a more niche, competitive arena or more simply those to build discipline and rigour into a business to help protect margin.

With innovation and entrepreneurial spirit always at the core of our recruits in this sector, we headhunt and deliver those across a variety of experience levels.