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Expertise Manufacturing & Operations:

Health, Safety & Environment

Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) is a fundamental part of Manufacturing and Operations – irrespective of industry, company size or product portfolio. However, HSE is a highly tailored function depending on geography and their consequent regulations, as well as industry compliance and production methodologies. HSE has been a part of a business corporate structure for decades, however has evolved over that time through software advancement, business culture shifts towards sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). HSE will further develop through the promise of Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data and QMS systems due the newly apparent correlation between HSE performance and bottom-line performance.

Chameleon has been exposed to HSE related mandates across an array of businesses and sectors, each with their own focal point. Whether that be implementation or optimisation of Enterprise Quality Management System (EQMS), Crisis/Risk Management, Asset Management or Process Automation and SOPs. Chameleon have an awareness of market trends and future advancements, enabling us to utilise our fast growing network to provide solutions to your HSE needs.

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