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Human Resources

With our developing world finding its feet with renewed focuses on mental well-being, social mobility and technological development, HR continues to play a pivotal part. The modern, innovative HR leader is tasked with helping to uphold, establish and design an evolving organisational culture, managing talent and hiring needs and build a competitive advantage, in addition to being a true business partner for a wide and diverse audience. In short, HR  ensures we are fit for purpose and all pulling in the same direction.

Our modern, commercial world cannot function without a heightened awareness of its human capital. Chameleon partner with our clients as their “brand ambassador” assessing how behaviours, personal values and the attitudes of our candidate pool compliment the businesses that we represent. We are invited to recruit HR Directors responsible for group, business unit and single site transformation projects in parallel with those who require our support for more bespoke worth in OD, business partnering and compensation and benefits.

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