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Talent Pipelining

Chameleon would lead a Talent Pipelining project on behalf of a client when there isn’t a specific hire to be made. We partner with our Clients when they may not have a specific mandate to fulfil, working with them to provide our full range of services and Proactively build a pipeline of talent in historically challenging functions and geographies, designing an “engagement strategy” with these candidates.

We will map local, national and potentially international talent, identifying and engaging with suitably skilled and experienced candidates to fulfil gaps within a client’s Talent Pipeline. We can build a “Future Engagement Strategy”, providing access to candidate profiles, their skillsets, experience and motivations, allowing clients to plan for future hirings over 6, 12 and 18 months.

Additional benefits of undertaking such a project would be:


  • Targeting of diverse profiles, building a pipeline of talent that defies the ratio of those available through a passive approach
  • Build on a deep network of women in STEM fields


  • Identify and profile target businesses in the immediate vicinity of client sites.
  • Outline mobile talent that can solve future geographical pain-points.


  • Act as a brand ambassador for our clients in a specific function
  • Position clients as “employer of choice” among the target demographic
  • Design a “future engagement strategy” to provide continuous touchpoints

Time to hire

  • Partner with clients to maintain touch-points with a prospective talent to ease future engagement
  • Ensure clients are front-and-centre in the target demographic mind as a potential employer