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Our team strive for flexibility & exellence in everything that we do.


Executive Search

We engage with our Clients on a committed model, partnering with them in their search for key global talent giving them access to the next generation of business leaders.

We employ a “One Point of Contact” model with each of our clients, meaning that the Client Partner takes full responsibility for delivery and execution of the search.  Our Client Partners are experts in their chosen vertical – Chemical & Process, Consumer, Industrial, Pharmaceutical & Life Sciences, Logistics & Transportation, Technology & Consulting – and will be able to consult our clients as to the specific drivers and trends that are affecting the Talent agenda within their Industry.

We understand that each mandate is different and so we are able to adapt to our Client wishes, deliberately applying a learning agility to each mandate, structuring our process to accommodate unique client needs per geography, skill set and diversity agendas. We work to cultivate long term partnerships by acting, always, as a brand ambassador on behalf of our clients.

Our Client Partner team works in tandem with our Research Function, a team that comprises 50% of our total headcount. We have deliberately built this team in house, allowing us to benefit directly from the market knowledge and intellectual capital that is generated across each search.  We do not advertise our roles. Our methodology is to penetrate the passive Candidate market and our Search Consultants, who are highly skilled and multilingual, are targeted on headhunting, networking and referring their way through the candidate market place.


Our Search Mandates typically adhere to the following process:


Briefing and
Review of
Search Strategy

Research and

Interviewing and
presenting (three
tier process)


Debrief and
Review of
Search Strategy


Leadership Assessment

Our new leadership suite of assessments released this year is specifically aimed at identifying leadership potential, selection, coaching and development. The Impact model bridges the gap between specific behaviours and organisational level outcomes. It provides positively framed, work-relevant development advice, that can help avoid the potential for a negative impact once a candidate commences employment.

This report requires BPS Level B Psychometric Training to access directly. As a result we can offer our consultancy services to interpret the reports and provide verbal debriefing/feedback.

Leadership Risk Report

This report aims to assist with mitigating potential risk to your organisation and work culture, recruiting successful leaders, identifying leadership risk within your organisation, and developing and identifying future leaders.

The report goes beyond the individual focus of risk and looks at the potential impact on an organisation and its culture.

The report is Line Manager-friendly and can be accessed immediately with a supporting user guide. What’s more, a dynamic risk overview can be generated illustrating the group risk of an executive team.

Interview Guide

Our Leadership Assessment Reports can also be used in conjunction with our client’s own interview process. Our reports can provide insight to develop interview questions and are accompanied by an interview guide that can be generated from the “Professional Styles” questionnaire. This helps to reduce interview preparation time and provide a better prediction of performance by focusing on the most relevant competencies.  Questions and follow-up probes are provided across the talent and motive aspects of the “Performance model”.

Consulting Service

If you were to use our Leadership Reports, our offering would be to hold two hour discussions with the individuals (running up to three sessions a day), after which the individual would then receive their reports. We would also be able to conduct high level group analysis on the leadership teams to look at the group as a whole. We would look to use our Leadership Impact Expert Report, Leadership Risk Report and Work Roles Report to ensure a comprehensive leadership development approach is taken.


Market Mapping/Intelligence

Chameleon offers a Market Mapping / Market Intelligence service which builds on our clients existing talent management strategy by taking a proactive approach to identifying and engaging talent in specific, targeted areas.

By understanding our clients’ talent strategy, we can design a solution that provides invaluable insights around the market that are most pertinent to their business. This approach is particularly beneficial whenever a client is looking to make multiple hires or when they are expanding their geographical footprint into a new territory.  It can also be utilized when Clients would like to understand how their competitors are structured or when they recognise they have a future Talent gap internally but not a specific mandate to move forward on.

The solution is fully customisable with an agreed Statement of Work (SoW) dictating the scope and outcomes over a given period of time. This SoW may focus around any number of desired outcomes from a slate of qualified and available talent through to benchmarking and market analysis of competitors structures.

The Market Mapping solution is distinct to an Executive Search assignment insofar as the end goal is not a placement in itself (although this can form part of the SoW) but more around the information and insight captured and shared along the way.

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