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News / 8 March 2024

Interview with Polina Cook

Can you talk me through your journey / career history in Chameleon to date?

My career trajectory has been marked by diverse experiences and continual growth. Beginning as a search consultant, I worked across various industry verticals and functions, which enabled me to identify my interest for Logistics and Transportation, prompting a transition to the role of Principal Consultant under the guidance of the exceptional Ewerton Moriera, our Head of ATL. Through Ewerton’s coaching, I eventually assumed leadership responsibilities, and was excited to nurture and develop a small team of graduate search consultants. Alongside leading a dedicated team, I’ve also taken on the responsibility of managing internal hiring processes, ensuring our company continues to attract top talent. After making significant strides in ATL, I seized the chance to explore a new role as an Account Manager for a major retail client. This was a steep learning curve, both in terms of industry dynamics and functional expertise. Today, I proudly serve as the Account Manager for the US vertical, connecting top talent with our clients while expanding our footprint in the animal health sector.


What is your proudest achievement in Chameleon to date?

Reflecting on my nearly 7-year journey at Chameleon, there are numerous moments that evoke a sense of pride within me. For instance, successfully placing two executives across two different continents  during the height of the pandemic, all while recuperating from a ski injury, stands out as a highlight. However, if I were to pinpoint my proudest achievement, it would undoubtedly be witnessing the remarkable growth and multiple promotions of Emma Helm. Seeing her evolution since her initial step into my team fills me with immense pride and reaffirms the impact of mentorship and nurturing talent within our organization.


What advice would you give to young women aspiring to leadership roles?

Firstly, believe in yourself and your abilities. Confidence is key in navigating the challenges that come with leadership positions. Try to silence that voice in your head if it’s picking apart what you’re doing. Secondly, seek out mentors and role models who can offer guidance and support along your journey. Learn from their experiences and leverage their insights to shape your own path. In my own experience, having a mentor like Ewerton Moriera was invaluable. His guidance and encouragement played a significant role in my growth as a leader