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Successful CEO and GM Searches across the Americas

Chameleon International have been working with this global transport and logistic company over the last 4 years.  The client, headquartered in Chile has a wide variety of interests which include terminal operators across the United States, Towage Operators and an Airline.

In the first instance, Chameleon were engaged to fulfil 2 senior mandates within their Leadership Team, one for a Country Manager based in Santiago, Chile, the other for a Regional CEO, also based in the capital.

Country Manager – Chile: This was in the Logistics part of the business where the company was undertaking a business transformation project. Chameleon utilised our existing network in the region, using our extensive language capability to identify and qualify candidates in both Spanish and English, as well as then specifically headhunting candidates out of agreed target competitor organisations, once we had mapped the local logistics businesses in Chile.

Regional CEO:  Following our initial success, the group requested our support for the search of a Regional CEO for its air logistics and cargo handling services where they partner with a large airline business. We were giving the task to identify a senior executive who could give continuity to the company’s growth in Latin America. We mapped air cargo, freight and ground handling businesses across 20 countries in Latin America and the southern parts of the United States.

More recently, we have also been mandated to fulfill a further senior hire, that of a Managing Director of one of the premier Ports in the US.  This was a truly global search, requiring Chameleon to fully map the candidate market operating at this level to ensure that our shortlist demonstrated the ability to lead such a complex site.

Although Chameleon are headquartered in London, we have continually demonstrated the ability to gain access to the local candidate market, and present comprehensive shortlist of candidates to the clients from which we were able to fulfil all the searches.  Our expertise in the Transportation and Logistics Market enabled us to fully understand the intricacies and technical requirements of both roles and our language capability (and the fact that our Global Client Lead in this vertical is from South America himself) enabled us to fully qualify candidates against the cultural aspects of the requirements as well.