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Our team strive for flexibility & excellence in everything we do.


Established in 2011, Chameleon International are an Executive Search practice with an exclusive focus in global E2E supply chain, multi-site manufacturing operations and single-site leadership functions.

We partner with organisations, supporting them in their search for key global talent and the next generation of business leaders. As our name suggests, we adapt to each mandate, structuring our process to accommodate unique geography, skill set and diversity agendas. We cultivate long term partnerships by acting as a brand ambassador on behalf of our clients.

Our business has a research function that comprises the majority of our total headcount. Our highly skilled, multilingual Search Consultants support our Client Partners to deliver exceptional quality across our verticals – Automotive, Consumer, Chemicals, Food & Beverage, Industrial manufacturing, TME/Services, Transportation, Pharmaceuticals & Medical Devices.


Meet the team

Christian Garzarolli


Grant Vowls


Tom Pope

Associate Director & Client Partner - Pharmaceuticals & Life Sciences

Alex Wilcox

Head of Search

Isabel Linehan

Principal Search Consultant

Filip Grgurinovic

Client Partner - Food & Beverage

Ewerton Moreira

Client Partner - Aerospace, Transportation & Logistics

Polina Cook

Principal Search Consultant

Preet Braich

Search Consultant

Kadi Abrams

Search Consultant

John Anderson

Client Partner - Pharmaceuticals & Life Sciences

Connor O’Brien

Search Consultant

Jackson Humes

Client Partner - Process and Chemicals

Tom Haynes

Client Partner - Industrial Manufacturing

What is a client partner?

Focusing on individual industry verticals, the role is to grow their portfolio of clients through new business acquisition and developing existing accounts. They are the client facing side of the business and project manage all of our search mandates and market mapping projects.

What is a search consultant?

Operating on the Candidate facing side of our business, they are responsible for all search related topics; this includes market mapping, company profiling, compiling search reports as well as the primary objective of sourcing and qualifying Candidates for specific search mandates.